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(Sub 250 Gram RC Plane)



FF-RAZOR RC Model Designed by: Paul Petty
This RC model is a unique design, not based on any real plane. The original RC model design was made with Dollartree Readyboard Foamboard and just used Sharpe markers to color it. This can be a sub 250 gram RC model if made with the right light weight components. Other materials such as Depron Foam and Fan Fold Insulation Foam may be used to make this model, but may require the use of carbon or wood main wing spar.



  • Wingspan: 26.56 Inches (67.46cm)

  • Length: 18.96 Inches (48.16cm)

  • All Up Weight: 8.7 Ounces (147 Gram) (As Built with Readyboard Foamboard)

  • Servos: 2 Micro Servos, 5 to 12 gram recommended (Metal Gear Recommended)

  • Motor: Tiger Motors F40 1950kv Brushless Drone Motor

  • ESC:  SunnySky 18A BLHeli Brushless ESC with 4A BEC 

  • Speed: 50+mph (80.5+kph) depending on motor used

  • Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel with Delta Mixing (Recommended 2.4ghz)

  • Flight Skill Required: Beginner to Advanced (Depending on how you set up the controls)

  • Building Skill Required: Beginner to Intermediate

Free PDF Plan Below:

Motor Mount STL File for 3D Printer

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