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FF-117V2 RC Model Designed by: Paul Petty
This Version 2 RC model is based on the F-117A Stealth Fighter used by the USAF. This model is much more closer to a scaled appearance than the FF-117 version model also available on this website.  The fuselage more accurately reflects all the faceted surfaces of the real F-117A Stealth Fighter. The original RC model design was made with Elmer's Black Colored Foamboard. Other materials such as Dollar Store Foamboard, Depron Foam and Fan Fold Foam may be used to make this model.



  • Wing Span: 26 Inches (66.04cm)

  • Length: 39.61 Inches (100.6cm)

  • AUW: 25 Ounces (708.7gm) (As Built with Elmer's Foamboard, Depron or Fan Fold will result in much lighter model)

  • Servos: 2 Micro (Metal Gear Recommended)

  • Motor: Grayson Hobby Super Mega Jet (or Turnigy 2836-2350 Motor)

  • Speed: 65+mph (104kph) depending on motor used

  • Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel with Delta Mixing (Recommended 2.4ghz)

  • Flight Skill Required: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Building Skill Required: Intermediate 

FF-117V2 PDF Plan - Cost $6.00
(PDF Plan Includes Tiled and Non-Tiled Plans)
ff-117v2 print_Page_03.jpg
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