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Recommended Parts Page

Please note the below listed parts are just some recommended possible parts to complete the builds of the rcFoamFighters designed models shown on this website. Also note these parts are all sold by other companies and NOT sold by rcFoamFighters. We are providing these links to hopefully help anyone searching for places to find the parts needed. The links to Amazon do help rcFoamFighters with a very small commission when a sale is made. All the other links we do not have any affiliate association with and receive no commissions.  Please check back as I will be adding more links as time allows.

Basic Power System Parts Options

These parts are good to use for most of the Foamboard models that list the 2212-6 2200kv Motor.

Combo Motor & ESC

Motor Only

Grayson Hobby

2200kv  Motor


30A brushless ESC's

30A Vgood ESC


30A vgood esc.jpg

Performance Power System Parts Options

These parts are good to use for most of the Foamboard models that list the more powerful Super Mega Jet Motor or Monster Jet Motor.

Grayson Hobby

Super Mega Jet


50A Brushless ESC's

Grayson Hobby

Monster Jet


60A Brushless ESC's

Bad Ass 2315-2300kv


Cobra Race Wing




For the Foamboard models I recommend 12 gm metal gear servos. Plastic gear servos can be used but are much less durable and break easy if you crash or land hard.

Grayson Hobby






High Power Motor and ESC for FF-SuperNova

The original motor I used on the FF-Supernova is no longer available. I am currently using the BadAss Motor & Cobra 100A Race Wing ESC listed below from

BadAss 2826-1360KV Brushless Motor


Cobra 100A

Race Wing ESC


EDF - Electric Ducted Fans

Below are some EDFs you can use with the FF-Viper-50 and FF-Viper-70 models.

50mm EDF

64mm EDF

70mm EDF

Some Tools To Help With Foamboard Models

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